January 2001


Dear Friends,


The aim of the Trust is to advance the understanding of local history throughout all ages, including:

l.   Compilation of a catalogue of published material relevant to Caerwent's history, make a collection of such material and publish further material as available.

2.   Similarly to catalogue and collect photographs, artefacts etc.

3.   The fulfilment of an educational purpose by establishing links with local schools and setting up a library/historical resource centre.

4.   Supporting CADW in establishing a Museum in the former Caerwent school.

5.   Adopting part of one room of the proposed Museum as a library/resource centre and display area, with the possibility of seeking alternative premises in the short term.

The following committee has been appointed:

• Chairman:   Peter Bonvoisin

• Treasurer:   Jennifer Powell

• Archivist/curator:   Mark R. T. Lewis

• Secretary/co-ordinator:   John Nettleship

• Additional Trustee:   Derrick Williams

Membership consists of Patrons (honorary) and Supporters whose subscriptions are as follows:

£1 per person, £2 per household, £5 corporate membership, junior (under 18) free.

The many different aspects of our local history will be dealt with by Working Groups (listed below) now being set up.

If you would like to enlist as a supporter of the Trust or take part in one of the Working Groups please contact any of the committee members as above.

John Nettleship


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