February 2001


Dear Friends,

One of the principal aims of the Trust is to catalogue and collect photographs, documents and artefacts relevant to Caerwent's history. The Trustees would be very glad to hear from anyone who has material that might be of interest.

We are not asking people to donate valued items to the Trust: we would be more than happy to make photocopies, or to take photographs of suitable items, and owners can remain anonymous if they wish.

We will of course be very glad to accept donations or pledges of material, although we do not presently have the capacity to store valuable or bulky items.

So, if you would like to make available such items as old photographs, public notices, title deeds, newspaper articles, memorabilia, books or even the odd Roman coin, connected with Caerwent, please get in touch with one of the Trustees.

The trustees are:

• Myself, Peter Bonvoisin

• Mark R T Lewis

• John Nettleship

• Jennifer Powell

• Derrick Williams.


Best wishes


Peter Bonvoisin


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